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Seed varieties

Seed varieties

Which seed grows best?

In order to achieve an optimal growth result, we have provided you with an overview of which seed varieties grow best with which product. For special requests, please contact us and we will find the best solution for you!

advertise and grow

This slogan optimally expresses your promotional and economic goals with the ecological demands that are placed on a company today. The use of growing promotional items contributes to the preservation of a healthy environment and creates small but important habitats for animals, in the case of flowers, especially bees. Seeds are subject only to the norms of nature. They cannot be produced, but are grown and nurtured with love, care and patience, depending on the season and climate. To obtain a truly lush result, after a certain time the seedlings should be repotted or even planted out into nature or the garden. In this way, you and our promotional products take valuable responsibility for the future of our wonderful nature.