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Organic quality

Organic quality


Organic products are the basis for the production of healthy and high-quality organic products. Based on the organic certification that we gained in 2018, in accordance with article 29 (1) of regulation (EG) nr. 34/2007, we are able to offer all our plant seeds of the products in the category growing publicity also in organic quality. Our products are labelled with the bio-logo and feature your promotional products and your company as environmentally responsible. We are already looking forward to your inquiries.

Climate change

Extreme weather conditions, such as forest fires or drought, severe flooding or storms, are now a worldwide phenomenon. Drought, cracked soils, parched fields and dried-up riverbeds are not uncommon here either due to insufficient rainfall. Large areas of forest are becoming fewer. These are all effects of the increasing climate change.

Our variety of plants and the new microgreens are an active contribution to slowing down climate change.


The forest is vital. It provides us with wood, fresh air and clean water. It also provides animals and plants with habitat, food and protection. The forest protects its surroundings from climatic extremes, wind, avalanches and rockfalls. The forest floor absorbs the rain and thus prevents flooding.1)

Our products, provided with spruce seeds, can be your support against forest dieback 2.0.

Room climate

Within six decades, the number of allergic diseases in Western industrial countries has risen from 2 percent to more than 30 percent. 2)

Our products, combined with sunflower or thyme seeds, provide a good indoor climate in the office or at home.


The natural and also the biological diversity, created and used by humans, the so-called Agrobiodiversity, are decreasing. This development can be seen worldwide, also in Germany. The protection and conservation of species diversity and biodiversity are central tasks for the future. 3)

Our seed papers bee, butterfly and flower as well as the summer flower mixture can be your contribution to the preservation of biodiversity.

Quelle:1)2)3) Bundesministerium für Ernährung und Landwirtschaft